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Woodworking Services by American Custom Design Woodworking

American Custom Design Woodworking, which is located in Tilton, New Hampshire, offers custom woodworking and millwork to those in New Hampshire, Boston, and the entire New England region. For those who desire unique wood doors, windows, cabinets, and other products of the highest quality that will elevate the ambiance and overall decor of their home, our custom built products have no rival. Our craftsmen and natural products will take the interior and exterior of your home to a whole new level.

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From Very Nice to Spectacular

The fact is that people will notice if a homeowner invests in products that are created using materials and techniques associated with custom woodwork New Hampshire and millwork. The windows, doors, and other aspects of your home that are created by American Custom Design Woodworking can take your home from being consider as something very nice to being an expertly crafted living space that is spectacular.

Whether your goal is to create a standout home that appreciates in value over time, restore an older home that already has plenty of character, or create a unique space in your home that is otherwise similar to its nearby counterparts, our expert craftsmen and technicians can help.

Regional Craftsmen

At American Custom Design Woodworking, all of our custom wood working and custom millwork is done in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Our factory features top quality materials and craftsman that bring to life custom designs for your home. We are familiar with homes throughout the New England area, so whether you own an historic home in Boston, Massachusetts or you are looking to upgrade a beach home in Cape Cod, we have the ability to make your dreams and visions come true.

Our Process

When you are crafting something specifically for someone process is very important. If your process is dedicated to creating quality products that are, in essence, one-of-a-kind items, then the results will be unique, refined, and of a high standards. That’s exactly what we do at American Custom Design Woodworking.

In relationship to this process, we provide a variety of custom services. These services include custom wood molding, baseboard design, hand-carved banisters and balustrades, and elegant crown molding. No matter how simple or elaborate you want your wood designs to be, we can, through our quality-based process, achieve the results that you want.

Additionally, we offer several custom designed items you can add to the rooms of your home to enhance its décor or develop specialized stylistic elements. Whether you desire custom wainscoting or you dream of expansive built-ins for storage and display, we can make anything possible. Our work also includes custom designed entertainment centers, closets, and shelving. We help homeowners turn every room in their house into an exacting room that is a vision their dreams.

Old Is New Again

American Custom Design Woodworking can go back in time, beyond retro, and create features and add elements to your rooms that will distinguish them form all others. Custom wood working and millwork can add small touches to your home that have an overall major impact. In this way, you can make your old home new, while utilizing skilled craftsmanship that embraces standards that define master woodworkers.

Whether you love the idea of a stately banister surrounding the grand staircase of your home, or you think crown molding throughout your living room would add a wonderful touch of elegance, we can help. The workers at American Custom Design Woodworking possess the techniques and skills to craft unique wood features for your home. Best of all, we use high-quality materials, and we work with homeowners in the area to create a cohesiveness between their homes and the spirit of New England that informs its structures, neighborhoods, and communities.

We Offer Unique Services

If you’re interested in quality craftsmanship, utilizing expert woodworking and millwork services, and uniquely designed wood products, please contact American Custom Design Woodworking in Tilton, New Hampshire at 603 286 3239, or you may reach us by utilizing the easy-to-use contact form located on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from and opening up a conversation that may lead to enhancing and elevating your home in various ways.