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Updating Your Home the Custom Woodworking Way

Do you have an older home that could use some updating? Is it a traditional New England style home that consists of older paneling, original hardwood floors, or even wooden kitchen and bathroom cabinetry? While this style home is certainly common among New Hampshire, Maine, and even Boston, Massachusetts, it can certainly suggest a certain decade that is dated or even “retro”.

The good news is home owners can update that old-fashioned or “retro” look all while still preserving the traditional New England look and feel of any home with custom woodworking and millwork.

Home owners trust in working with American Custom Design Woodworking Inc. because they know that homes are refinished, renovated, and updated with productions, materials, and techniques associated with custom woodworking and mill work. Home owners that have worked with American Custom Design Woodworking Inc. know that our design team is proud to be able to truly put in the extra effort and creative edge into making a home or custom made wood product unique.

Whether your goal as a home owner is to update your kitchen, bathroom, or living room in order to increase your overall property value over time, or whether you are ready for something new and fresh without compromising your home’s character, or if you prefer to create a unique space in your home, American Custom Design Woodworking interior designers and expert craftsmen are available to listen, provide suggestions and ideas, and can help home owners in reaching their home redesign goals.

The expert craftsmen and interior design team at American Custom Design Woodworking is proud to be able to offer unique services to all of our clients. We provide the very best in custom woodworking and millwork throughout the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Even though we are well known throughout the New Hampshire area, we are also familiar with and experienced in working in homes throughout the New England area. Regardless of whether your home is on the lake in New Hampshire, in Boston, Massachusetts, or located on Cape Cod, we have the ability to make your dreams and visions come true.

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Turning “Old” into Something “New”

American Custom Design Woodworking can go back in time, embrace the old-fashioned and “retro”, and turn those elements and features into a unique and creative piece of art that are new, fresh, and modern, but still fits the character and traditional style of your New England home. Our design team will also ensure that each room is clearly distinguished from the others and that each has its own defining characteristics and style that stand out from the rest. Home owners are often surprised at how small and simple additions and features can make a huge impact.

Whether you love the idea of updated kitchen or bathroom cabinets that preserve the older and original wood materials from the home, or you’ve always wanted that beautiful grand staircase banister that blows away anyone who walks through your front door, or simply adding a traditional molding throughout the living or dining room will add that perfect touch that might have been missing, the workers at American Custom Design Woodworking possess the techniques, skills, experience, and creativity to turn those ideas into unique wood features for your home.

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