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American Custom Design Woodworking

Traditional New England Custom Furniture

Does your home have a unique or eclectic style? Is it hard to find furniture that matches or complement that style? If this describes you or your home, you may be able to find that perfect piece of furniture or brainstorm some unique ideas with custom woodworking.

Experienced Custom Woodworking Team

Working a creative and experienced custom woodworking team is half the battle in finding furniture to complement a unique home or to complete a unique look and feel to a home. This is one reason why clients love to work with American Custom Design Woodworking Inc. Their experience with brainstorming creative ideas and design truly sets them apart from competing woodworking companies.

Finding that perfect piece of furniture for a particular room can be frustrating. Prior to working with us, clients have told numerous stories about how they’ve searched for months and months and store after store and even looked online for that perfect chair, coffee table, end table, entertainment center, or even a kitchen or dining room table with matching chairs to complement their unique home. By making the decision to work with a highly creative and trained custom woodworking crew, clients get that perfect piece of furniture in a shorter amount of time than searching through stores, know they are getting a quality product and exactly what they want, and know that it will complement their home style and taste perfectly.

American Custom Design Woodworking is located Tilton, New Hampshire and is proud to serve all of New England. American Custom Design Woodworking is also proud to not only be able to serve thousands of unique clients throughout New England, but also be able to assure them that their custom built wood furniture is 100% original and is created and designed in our very own home shop. This is another attractive benefit to working with an experienced custom design woodworking team.

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New England is full of older homes, homes by the water, Cape Cod style homes, country-style homes, and even colonials from the 1800s. By having the knowledge and experience of local homes and their styles, the designers at American Custom Design Woodworking know and understand just how to complement that unique New England home, regardless of when it was built or how modern or original it is. We are bound to be able to design a piece of furniture that can’t be found or replicated by any other manufacturer.

We at American Custom Design Woodworking understand the area in which we work and the clients in which we serve.We strive to keep the traditional architectural and housing traditions of New England alive. All of our products are crafted in our 14,000 square foot facility that includes a custom glass shop. American Custom Design Woodworking is proud to say that each product and each custom piece of furnitureis handcrafted and is at the highest standards.

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If you are searching for that perfect piece of furniture that complements your traditional New England home, then contact American Custom Design Woodworking Inc. today for a free quote and consultation. We will take the time to visit your home and take note of your design and preferences as well as listen to what you want for your home. Contact us today at 603 286 3239 or visit us online to see how we can help you make your home more beautiful.