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How Much Value Does a Custom Kitchen Add?

Kitchens are extremely good investments and typically get anywhere from an 80 percent to 90 percent return. This means if you invest $30,000 into your kitchen, you could see$24,000 to $27,000in additional value. Of course, the more you put in, the more you’ll likely see.

Check out the costs and added value of the average kitchen remodel.

Kitchen cabinetry

custom kitchen cabinetDepending on the layout size and look of the kitchen, the cost of custom cabinetry will greatly vary. Although pricier than stock cabinets, custom built cabinetry permits you countless specifications andpossibilities in order for you to get exactly what you desire, at the highest quality. Furthermore, years down the road your cabinetry will still appear new, and if you’re planning on selling your house, custom cabinetry significantlyincreases value.

Custom versus semi-custom

semi kitchenA set of customized kitchen cabinets by a professional cabinet maker may run from $15,000 to $50,000 or more for an average size kitchen of 10’x 12’. However, the durability, quality, and precision is going to bewell worth it. One downside to customized cabinetry is that they can take a number of weeks to construct. Also, the cabinet maker might not include finishes, and a painter might need to be employed separately in order to coat the doors.

Although somewhat restricted in their options, semi-custom cabinets include a more affordable option. You may choose from an array of materials, styles, sizes, and colors, but you might be restricted to the selections provided by the manufacturer. Also, the cabinet will be mass-produced with just minor customized touch-ups, and the overall quality might be lower than customized cabinets. One set of semi-customized cabinets for a 10’ x12’ kitchen usually runs between $8,000 to $15,000. Other features such as hand-crafted finishes, glass fronts, intricate patterns, and exotic woodswill increase the expense.

Cabinets which require added specifications (such as additional drawers or shelves) or special sizes, will add to the expense. Plus, kitchens requiring special-shaped cabinetry, such as cabinets for ovens or corner cabinets, for example, will likely cost more. The type of wood material chosen also affects the cost. Usually kitchen cabinetry is made of oak, maple, or cherry.

Faceless vs. face-frame

face frame kitchenThere will include two kinds of cabinets:faceless and face-frame.Face-frame cabinets have a small border around their edges adding durability, and may be slightly shaved to fit inside a small space if needed. However, the downside is that the frame will narrow the opening size of drawers and doors. On the other hand, frameless cabinets provide more storage room, yet additionally cost a little more. In the U.S., most kitchen cabinets include face-frame cabinets.

Ready to Work With You

If you are interested in giving your kitchen a new look or you’d like to see cabinetry in another room in your home, contact American Custom Design Woodworking in Tilton, New Hampshire at 603 286 3239, or you may reach us by utilizing the easy-to-use contact form located on our Contact Us page. We will design the right cabinets in the style you specify in order to serve all of your functional requirements and aesthetic dreams.

Custom woodwork New Hampshire

5 Small Woodworking Projects that Make a Huge Difference to Your Home

Looking for that perfect way to spruce up your home? Why not consider a gorgeous custom woodworking project that will give your room and home that extra oomph. Custom woodworking projects give home owners creative and cost effective options that appeal to the overall traditional style of their homes.

Here are some examples of some small woodworking projects that make a big difference:

Coffee tables. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their morning dark roast blend on a brand new coffee table preserved with that old-fashioned, traditional New England feel? And who says coffee tables are only for coffee? Coffee tables can also be customized and built with storage compartments, drawers, and cabinets all at various sizes, widths, and depths.

Coffee tables can also be customized to fit any living room, sitting or common area, or even screened or closed-in, three-season porches in terms of color, style, and preference.

For the Animals. Most would agree that they consider their pets official members of the family. In most households, they are treated as such. They have their own eating areas, toys, beds, and even fenced-in areas of the yard. As a result, many households would stop at nothing to find and provide the very best for their pets. If this sounds like you or your family, why not consider a custom doghouse or enclosed pet bed that fits your dog or cat?

If you don’t have any pets of your own, but still consider yourself an animal lover, why not have a perfect birdhouse custom made to attract your favorite kind of bird? This is also a perfect gift idea for nature buffs.

Picture Frames. Wooden picture frames are a trendy item today. Picture frames can be custom made in a wide variety of colors, shapes, styles, and types of wood. Have a number of picture frames designed and custom fit for those wedding or family photos. Styles and preferences range from traditional to elaborate, depending on the home or room’s overall look, feel, and style.

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Frames can also be uniquely and creativity customized to fit the photo itself.For example, have an elaborate or old-fashioned picture frame designed and created to for that old picture of your grandmother that’s been restored.

Furniture. Tired of paying those high-end prices for that ordinary piece of furniture? Why not pay a little less for something that means a whole lot more? Regardless of whether you are looking for that perfect dining room table, rocking chair, bookshelf, armoire, or hutch, the possibilities are endless. Stop bouncing from store to store and wasting time and money looking for that perfect piece of furniture at an affordable price when you can just have it made custom.

Gift Ideas. No one wants to fully admit it, but the holidays are on the way. It’s time to start brainstorming some gift ideas. Why not consider a perfect piece of furniture for a family member? Some other unique gift ideas can include wine racks, custom cutting boards, picture frames, birdhouses, or china cabinet.

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Pitch your ideas to a member of the design team at American Custom Design Woodworking and we’ll handle the rest. Contact American Custom Design Woodworking today at 603-286-3239 for a free quote. Regardless of what you are looking for to boost your homes style, American Custom Woodworking has it all. American Custom Woodworking has over a decade of experience working with a variety of clients and their home styles. We know what’s best. With custom, the possibilities are endless.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets New Hampshire

Budget-Friendly Custom Woodworking Ideas for Your Kitchen

Home owners today are looking to give their homes that extra oomph to their style and ambience. However, the other fact is that most home owners are on a budget that might hinder them from taking on the vast and elaborate home redesign and remodel they dream of. However, there are simple budget friendly custom woodworking ideas that will suit any home regardless of tradition and style.

Kitchen Cabinets. Vintage is in. Most older, traditional homes—particularly those that we often see in New England—are looking for new, creative ideas to update their homes yet keep that old-fashioned New England look and feel that so many New Englanders are in love with. So why not turn those old, broken kitchen cabinets and give them a new look, all while preserving their old-fashioned style? This can be done by resurfacing the older cabinets and painting them a new, fresh color that complements your kitchen and home.

Kitchen Flooring. Another element to a kitchen that often takes a beating over the years is the kitchen floor. Depending on where a kitchen is located in your home, it could take a lot of beating, especially if it is located near a main entrance or sees a lot of traffic from people, pets, or children. Therefore, home owners seek out ways to update their kitchen flooring that are not only affordable and attractive, but also durable.

Some home owners might be leery of the thought of a nice, custom wood floor for a kitchen as it can damage and wear over time, however, by counting on a professional and   and design team, you can ensure that your hard wood flooring in your kitchen is of exceptional quality and that it will last. There are also various types of hard wood flooring that can be customized to match any kitchen or home.

Additionally, for those homes who want to restore their kitchen’s original hard wood floor, talk to a member of American Custom Design to see how we can work with you to refinish your floors, making them look like new all while preserving that old, antique, traditional look, feel, and style.

Kitchen Countertops. A kitchen countertop is another area of a kitchen that should be durable, especially for those individuals and families who do a lot of cooking, baking, and use counter tops to store appliances. Installing a custom hard wood countertop is another affordable and durable option for those who home owners who are in love with the appearance and attractiveness of wood. See how American Custom Design can assist with preserving your old-fashioned look and feel of your kitchen with a custom counter top.

American Custom Design Woodworking is dedicated to making sure that our clients receive the quality, unique, and creative custom woodworking design and results that they want to see. It is very common to see many home owners who opt to premade kitchen cabinets. While this is certainly a great option for those who prefer them, we at American Custom Design Woodworking embraces each of our client’s woodworking projects as we truly see them as an opportunity to really be creative and make our clients’ homes even more beautiful.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets New Hampshire

If you are looking for ideas to upgrade your kitchen all while preserving that old-fashioned look and feel, contact American Custom Design Woodworking located in Tilton, New Hampshire at 603-286-3239 to see how we can help.