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Custom Kitchen Cabinets New Hampshire

Budget-Friendly Custom Woodworking Ideas for Your Kitchen

Home owners today are looking to give their homes that extra oomph to their style and ambience. However, the other fact is that most home owners are on a budget that might hinder them from taking on the vast and elaborate home redesign and remodel they dream of. However, there are simple budget friendly custom woodworking ideas that will suit any home regardless of tradition and style.

Kitchen Cabinets. Vintage is in. Most older, traditional homes—particularly those that we often see in New England—are looking for new, creative ideas to update their homes yet keep that old-fashioned New England look and feel that so many New Englanders are in love with. So why not turn those old, broken kitchen cabinets and give them a new look, all while preserving their old-fashioned style? This can be done by resurfacing the older cabinets and painting them a new, fresh color that complements your kitchen and home.

Kitchen Flooring. Another element to a kitchen that often takes a beating over the years is the kitchen floor. Depending on where a kitchen is located in your home, it could take a lot of beating, especially if it is located near a main entrance or sees a lot of traffic from people, pets, or children. Therefore, home owners seek out ways to update their kitchen flooring that are not only affordable and attractive, but also durable.

Some home owners might be leery of the thought of a nice, custom wood floor for a kitchen as it can damage and wear over time, however, by counting on a professional and   and design team, you can ensure that your hard wood flooring in your kitchen is of exceptional quality and that it will last. There are also various types of hard wood flooring that can be customized to match any kitchen or home.

Additionally, for those homes who want to restore their kitchen’s original hard wood floor, talk to a member of American Custom Design to see how we can work with you to refinish your floors, making them look like new all while preserving that old, antique, traditional look, feel, and style.

Kitchen Countertops. A kitchen countertop is another area of a kitchen that should be durable, especially for those individuals and families who do a lot of cooking, baking, and use counter tops to store appliances. Installing a custom hard wood countertop is another affordable and durable option for those who home owners who are in love with the appearance and attractiveness of wood. See how American Custom Design can assist with preserving your old-fashioned look and feel of your kitchen with a custom counter top.

American Custom Design Woodworking is dedicated to making sure that our clients receive the quality, unique, and creative custom woodworking design and results that they want to see. It is very common to see many home owners who opt to premade kitchen cabinets. While this is certainly a great option for those who prefer them, we at American Custom Design Woodworking embraces each of our client’s woodworking projects as we truly see them as an opportunity to really be creative and make our clients’ homes even more beautiful.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets New Hampshire

If you are looking for ideas to upgrade your kitchen all while preserving that old-fashioned look and feel, contact American Custom Design Woodworking located in Tilton, New Hampshire at 603-286-3239 to see how we can help.