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Upgrade Your Home Windows with Custom Built Wood Windows

If you own a home or are a prospective home buyer in New England, then have you ever considered custom wood working to upgrade your interior, doors, or windows? Custom woodworking can give homes, particularly older New England homes, that extra classic or country look that no other manufacturer or construction contractor can replicate. Nothing says real or “custom” more than custom woodworking.

Finest Custom Wood Windows and Doors

American Custom Design Woodworking Inc. is located in Tilton, which is in the Lakes Regions of the state of New Hampshire. They currently serve throughout Boston, Massachusetts and Cape Cod. American Custom Design Woodworking is devoted and committed to working with each and every customer to create premium custom built wood windows for those homeowners who are looking to update their current windows and who also desire quality, beauty, and functionality that really gives their home that extra special something.

Custom woodworking is just that: custom. Custom built wood windows are made to each client’s specifications and are designed to enhance the style of any home, improve energy efficiency, and meet the needs of the specific area of your home that each window occupies and serves. All in all, whatever the need may be our expert designers and craftsmen can accommodate any and all of your requests.

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American Custom Design Woodworking also has experience in creating new window spaces for a particular room, and even in enhancing or expanding existing spaces. For example, a particular room may simply need more light, or a space may require expanding. If a home owner wants or requires more light, better natural air flow, a window that lets in the moon and star light, or a room that allows for detailed control of interior climate and outdoor elements, American Custom Design Woodworking can create the windows that are perfect for each and every one of our clients’ situations.

American Custom Design Woodworking takes pride in their ability to focus on local customers, local homes, and local needs. American Custom Design understands the need to keep older, traditional homes restored and looking alive, particularly in the New England area. American Custom designs and creates all products in their 14,000 square foot facility that also includes a glass shop for those custom windows. Every item or product that comes through our shop is 100% original and handcrafted always do so to the highest standards.

Contact American Custom Design Woodworking for Custom Wood Windows

If you are considering custom wood windows or any form of custom woodworking done on your home, feel free to contact American Custom Design Woodworking at 603-286-3239 for a free initial, no-obligation consultation or free quote on your potential home project. You can also visit us online. We will sit down and talk with you about your custom window or home redesign ideas. Simply tell us your ideas, your style and preferences, and ultimately the effect you want to achieve, and in what manner you want your custom windows to function, and we will handle the rest.

American Custom Design also understands that any home improvement project can be time consuming and stressful. This is why if you are ever unsure of your ideas or aren’t sure where to begin, American Custom Design Woodworking will be more than happy to work with you to achieve your desired results and turn your home into the dream home you’ve always wanted.

American Custom Design Woodworking New Hampshire

Why Custom Woodworking?

Many prospective or current home owners may consider custom woodworking for updating a newly purchased home, or preparing to sell a current home. Regardless of the reasons for custom woodworking, the benefits are great. Custom woodworking is a perfect way to improve the overall look and feel of any room or home for a reasonable price.

Custom woodworking can involve a number of different projects. Some of these projects include custom cabinets built for a kitchen, dining room, or bathroom; both interior and exterior windows and doors; patios and decks; and even staircase railings.

When many home owners consider replacing their kitchen cabinets, most opt for installing premade kitchen cabinets that are built to easily install in any kitchen. Of course there are different styles, colors, and preferences available to choose from, many home owners miss the opportunity to do something really unique and creative that will set their home apart from the rest.

American Custom Design Woodworking, Inc. is dedicated to going the distance and providing customers with great custom woodworking options to turn their homes from beautiful to spectacular. We believe that custom woodworking, particularly custom kitchen cabinets, are preserved as a delicate and unique art that no one can match. We take each and every home seriously and always strive for excellence for each and every customer. If our customers are wowed by the transformation and beauty of their own homes, then we’ve done our jobs.

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We also believe that the home isn’t just shelter. It is a place where we live and grow, and spend time with our friends, family, and those we love and who are closest to us. This is just one reason why our household custom cabinetry team takes custom woodworking so seriously. We believe that an individual or family’s home should reflect their personal style and taste. We are committed to making a home, well, a home.

American Custom Design Woodworking, Inc. also has a great deal of experience customizing kitchen cabinetry and other forms of custom woodworking in a variety of styles and tastes. We have experience in making a kitchen look modern, retro, classic, or country. Each style can easily be incorporated to any kitchen and really upgrade the overall look and feel of any home. We also believe that no two customers are the same. Each customer and family has his or her own style and taste, and we strive to not only meet that customer’s style and taste but exceed it.

Not only do we have a great deal of experience in producing custom kitchen cabinetry that appeals to a variety of styles and tastes, but American Custom Design Woodworking has over twenty years of experience in the various niches of custom woodworking. Based out of New Hampshire, we proudly serve the New England area and have a great deal of experience restoring historic buildings and old New England homes, which is more than a treasure for us, it’s a way of life.

Custom woodworking New Hampshire

If you think you might have a job for us, contact American Custom Design Woodworking today for a free, no obligation quote. Call us at 603-286-3239 or send us an email at We can discuss your project with you, provide you with suggestions, and even set up a time for us to come and evaluate your home. Don’t consider remodeling your kitchen or any room in your home without first considering American Custom Design Woodworking.

Careers in Woodworking

Careers in Woodworking


While new plastics and other materials have been developed, the need for wood products remains strong in good economic times. Retirement of woodworkers has opened the market for woodworkers. Both of these situations make the outlook bright for those considering a career in woodworking. However, several new trends are affecting the employment outlook for woodworkers.

Training and Education

Most woodworkers trained with a relative, a mentor, or through an apprenticeship program. Achieving certified, skilled woodworker status takes at least two years beyond a secondary school graduation diploma. The best woodworking positions exist for those with experience in computer aided design (CAD) andthose who can operate computerized numerical control machines.

Employment Opportunities

Woodworkers are employed in industries that make wood products or sell wood for production. These include sawmills and plywood mills, furniture factories, manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, musical instruments, and other fabricated wood products. Woodworkers are also employed in small craft shops that produce architectural woodwork, furniture, and specialty goods.

Process woodworkers convert raw products such as logs to pulp, lumber, shingles, trusses and other usable wood forms.

Production woodworkers are responsible for setting up, operating, and monitoring woodworking machines including: power saws, planers, sanders, lathes, jointers, and routers. In manufacturing facilities where wood products are made, woodworkers must decide the best way to shape and assemble components by studying blueprints, supervisor’s directions, or sketches they created. Knowledge of computer-aided design and computer-set computer-controlled machines is almost mandatory in today’s woodworking businesses.

Specialty craftsmen are woodworkers who create one-of-a-kind wood articles such as: cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, and dressers. They are usually self-employed or they are employed by a small specialty shop.

Changes in the Woodworking Industry

The jobs of woodworkers have changed due to technological advances especially in computer-controlled machinery. Such innovations have done much to increase productivity. A single operator can monitor several different machines. Using computerized numerical controls (CNC), an operator can program a machine to carry out a series of functions automatically. Thisimproves both precision and reliability.

Computerized machinery has increased production speed and capabilities. Preparation and maintenance tasks have been simplified. However, these innovations have made workers with computer skills an absolute necessity.

Advancements in technology havealso created innovative robots and CNC machinery. Companies have increased productivity rates while decreasing the number of woodworkers

As imports increase North America will lose more and more jobs. Companies will move operations off shore to take advantage of cheaper labor.

Increasing use of alternate materials like metal, plastic, and fiberglass as substitutes for wood will result in fewer employment opportunities for North American woodworkers.

Environmental measures limiting pollution created by woodworking operations will adversely affect employment growth.

Many publications like newspapers, magazines, journals and catalogues are being read on handheld devices and laptops. Books have been replaced by e-Books. This trend toward electronic versions of written publications has resulted in a decrease in need for pulp and paper products.

Historic Restoration by American Custom Design Woodworking

Historic Restoration

We live in an age of planned obsolescence. If your printer malfunctions, throw it out and buy a new one. It costs more to repair than to buy new. Last year’s iPhone? Junk it. This year’s model has more bells and whistles. Thus, it is not surprising that the general public cannot understand those who spend a fortune on restoring an old Victorian house when a new one would have cost less and be a lot more energy efficient.

Historic structures that define our past are important to us as a society. They are the roots of our heritage. We aren’t just preserving buildings. We’re preserving memories.

What the naysayers to historic restoration of public or private buildings fail to understand is that these restorations are actually an investment.

Historic restoration adds value to the lives of all local residents and tourists.

Historic preservation projects are priceless cultural, aesthetic, and educational resources. They provide opportunities to learn about the community’s past.

Historic restorations have an economic component.

Historic buildings and the activities related to them bring tourists dollars to a community. The link between historic preservation and tourism is well documented. Historic restoration provides interesting and unique opportunities for visitors who in turn spend money on food, accommodations, entertainment, and shopping in area businesses.

Historic restoration projects create jobs. Short-term they create employment for restoration crafts people. Long-term, they afford work for the individuals who create and carry out educational, historic, and aesthetic activities within these restored buildings. For example: Since 1971, rehabilitation activities in the state of Michigan have created 20,252 jobs and generated a total of $1.7 billion in direct and indirect funds.

Historic restoration revitalizes neighborhoods and business districts. Historic district designation programs raise area property values.

Examples of historic restorations abound.

The Petersen House, a nineteenth Century house across from Ford’s Theater where President Lincoln died was repaired and replicated inside and out.

The Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial in Philadelphia received exterior woodwork repairs on window frames, doors, and shutters as well as the replacement of the hand-split, cedar shake roof.

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