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3 Famous Doors to Remember

attractive wood doors , 168 Sanborn Rd, Tilton, NH 03276Many people believe a door is a crucial part of how your home is viewed or remembered. Not only is it the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your home, but having a high-quality door also affects the way you feel about your home. A quality door is the key to what is inside of your home and the kind of personalities that embody the facility!

Some buildings have come to be remembered by many people not only for their importance in history, but also because of their phenomenal door structures.

The Columbus Doors

A well-known set of doors in U.S. history are the Columbus Doors, which are located inside of the U.S. Capitol Building.

The set of doors were designed by an American sculptor named Randolph Rogers and were installed in 1863, although they were moved to another location of the U.S. building in 1961. The large set of doors is entirely made of bronze. They weigh approximately 20,000 pounds and are seventeen feet high.

On these famous doors, the sculptor modeled scenes which depict the life of Christopher Columbus. The following scenes are included: Columbus Before the Council of Salamanca, Departure from the Convent of La Rabida, Audience at the Court of Ferdinan and Isabella, Departure of Columbus from Palos, Landing of Columbus in the New World, Columbus’s First Encounter with the Indians, Entry of Columbus into Barcelona, Columbus in Chains and the Death of Columbus.

Ghiberti’s Doors

In Florence, Italy, the Florence Baptistry holds the famous doors also known as the “Gates of Paradise”. These doors were designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti, with his intentions of winning a competition for his doors to be placed in the building in 1401.

It took this 21-year-old designer twenty-one years to complete the bronze doors, which hold twenty-eight panels that depict the life of Christ from the New Testament.

Not only was his design the winner of the competition, but he saw praise from many others, including the pope. Michaelangelo was the first to coin their nickname which is still in existence today – “Gates of Paradise”.

10 Downing Street

Also known as “Number 10,” 10 Downing Street is the headquarters of the British government. The building is more than three hundred years old and holds at least 100 rooms.

While the building is important as a whole, the front doors are pretty memorable for many people. It seems as though many of the famous doors are made of metal, but the original door of Number 10 was made of oak and painted black. Custom wood doors have been around for many years!

The address on the door is probably one of the most interesting characteristics of this particular door. The zero on the door, next to the one, sits at an angle.

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